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Many of you know Tony Bolton as the T. of T.K. & Co. - Tony and Kim Bolton.  For over two decades Tony and his wife Kim have traveled the country as  worship leaders and speakers.  With the demand for Kim Bolton as a speaker for women’s events ( Tony now is traveling solo as well. 


Tony is a seasoned speaker and artist with years of experience in ministry that speaks in today’s language.  This fun, vivacious and energetic personality teaches God’s Word and knows how to relate to folks where they live - in the real world.  His engaging approach to ministry allows him to connect to a multi-generational audience.

A great attribute of Tony is his contagious joy.  He is never without a smile.  Kim says,” he smiles in his sleep.” If you were to ask him he would say, “Most people I meet need to have their joy level increased.  It’s His joy that helps us love others more than ourselves and be a better servant for the Lord.” 


Tony motivates and inspires his audience to take their relationship with the Lord to a new level. Even from his early days as a youth pastor singing “Sold Out and Radical”, Tony has been committed to challenging hearts to serve, to step out of the box with their faith.  Tony says, “God has called us to be Light and Salt to the World. You can serve the Lord with boldness and become a leader in your circle of influence, wherever that may be.”


The Big Plus - Tony is a great worship leader and songwriter who knows how to combine his message of HOPE with his gifted worship. Tony will bring your audience into the refreshing atmosphere of God’s Presence.


Tony and Kim live in Franklin, TN.


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