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We had Tony come to Oklahoma for our 1st annual community chili cook-off and could not have been more pleased. He spoke for us the night of the cook-off as well as gave him the stage for our Sunday morning church service. Tony did excellent with both from the music, to the stories, to the down to earth and humble personality, and more importantly his love and knowledge for Christ!!! We can't wait until we are able to bring Tony back for another event. I would highly recommend Tony for any event that you are having as I was able to witness him adapt to the different environments each day. More than just a speaker I feel that I made a new friend with Tony. BOOYOW.

     - Joe Peck, Men's Ministry Director, First Baptist Church, Hinton, Oklahoma


I would like to say what a joy it was to have Tony Bolton as the keynote speaker at our Outdoor Expo.  Tony has a vast array of outdoor experiences that he used as his platform, but what really set him apart was how personable he was and his obvious love for Christ.  God used him mightily at our event as we saw 8 salvations and 9 rededications. I whole-heartedly recommend calling Tony if you are looking to reach outdoorsmen for the Lord.

     - Rich Murray, Pastor - Mountain View Baptist Church, Johnson City, TN


Tony, it was great having you for our Wild Game Dinner. I hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did. The Lord certainly blessed the evening. We saw many decisions made, and new faces in attendance. That's always a good thing!

     - Pastor Neal Thornton  -First Baptist Church, Coats, NC


WOW, it is exciting to see how God is using you brother. I have had so much positive feedback from our Saturday Evening 2019 Wild Game Dinner. It certainly is exciting to watch an event when God shows up. It was a night filled with great music, delicious food, fun stories, and Godly Truth!  I certainly appreciate you bringing your God-given gifts to share with us all at the Bellevue Conservation Club here in Bellevue, Michigan. I want to apologize for the below Zero temperatures, PURE MICHIGAN BROTHER!  We had 1 rededication and 8 new commitments to Christ. (BOO-YOW),  I want to thank you again for making the trek North to share truth into the lives of those who attended.

     - Randy Barnes - First Baptist Church Bellevue, MI

Tony, I just wanted to thank you again for your part in making our wild game dinner a success.  I thought you might appreciate this comment I just received from someone who attended:

"I've attended dozens of banquets and sportsman dinners.  I have to say yours was one of the most enjoyable ones I've ever been to.  It was very well run, the food was great and the music and speaker were awesome."

Thanks again. 

     - Pastor Don Francis, First Baptist Church Bellevue, MI


Tony just wanted you to know that we had 40 comment cards. Of those, 4 indicated a first-time commitment to Christ and 5 rededications. The rest had great things to say about you and the 2019 Wild Game Dinner event.

     - Eric Taylor–Cedar Hill Baptist Church


EVERYONE enjoyed it. The music and stories were very entertaining and inclusive of the lost and saved men.

You opened up doors of conversations to be had among participants. Thank you for your investment in the men and community of Life Point Church.

     - Eddie Mosley – Life Point Church Smyrna, TN


What an amazing and blessed evening we had with you as our speaker!  We can’t thank you enough for the phenomenal presentation, the Gospel message, and your interaction with our church members and especially our guests.  When I saw that we had 22 rededications and 23 people who received Christ as their Savior, I was speechless! Much prayer had gone into our banquet and there is not a doubt in my mind that YOU being with us was divine intervention. We were all exactly where we were supposed to be that afternoon and evening.

     - Marlene Werner – Lyona Bible Church, Guy Mill, PA


I was honored to meet and spend time with Tony and hopefully, we have built a lasting friendship with him. I have reached out to some people from outside of our church and community to see what they thought of Tony. They all agreed that he was FANTASTIC. They commented on his singing and said he gave a wonderful message. We at the Garnett Nazarene Church would highly recommend Tony for your event. His compassion and the time he spent with the people we served was outstanding. Again, we thank Tony and pray God’s blessings on him, his family, and his ministry.

     - Kevin Stoughton - Garnett Nazarene Church, Garnett, KS


“Tony I wanted to thank you for a great presentation Friday night at Mission Meadow. I know it was extra challenging with the last minute changes and I really appreciate your willingness to go the extra mile to make it all work to Glory of God. We have already received testimonies of folks that prayed to receive Christ during your invitation.”

     - Gary Henry - West Portland Baptist Church, Jamestown, NY


“We had Tony Bolton for our 2012 men's event with an outdoor theme "Hunting for Answers." From an auditorium's stage decorated like a cabin with various animal trophies, Tony presented a positive and inspiring program with an outdoor theme that related very well with all the men. Many commented how they loved Tony's message and music and we had six respond to his invitational prayer. I would highly recommend Tony for any event where you are trying to reach the men of the church and community.”
     - Bruce Riffle, Cornerstone Baptist Church, Ellerslie, Georgia


"Tony Bolton, a man's man, is one of those guys with his priorities straight - God and Country - and his family is right up there with them. In fact, the three are so intertwined his message of hope will have a generational impact on the lives he helps change through the Word of God. I've known Tony for over 20-years and like his smile, that message has never changed – You want him as your next speaker for your event."

     - John Flores, Contributing Writer for Louisiana Sportsman Magazine and National Freelance Writer


“We recently held our 2013 annual Baptist Men’s Wild Game Dinner for our Baptist Association in Robertson Co, TN and Tony was our guest speaker and musician for the event. Tony did a great job interacting with the men and getting them involved in the worship service. He inter-mingled praise songs with the men along with a couple of his solos. Tony came as a hunter/speaker and was very much on a level with the men that attended. He led the praise and worship and then smoothly transitioned into his sermon of Men “Hunting For Answers”. We had 5 decisions for Christ and 10 rededications that night. I highly recommend Tony for this type of event because he is down to earth and relates well with those that attend. Many men will come to this type of event but not a church worship service. Tony was able to connect with those men and help them see that Godly men can be a committed Christian and have fun and fellowship with one another. I plan to use Tony again in the future if the Lord wills.”

     - David Lyon, Cedar Hill Baptist Church, and Robertson Co Baptist Association,  Men’s Ministry Director -Cedar Hill, TN


“I have known Tony Bolton for several years and I consider him to be one of the most trustworthy, dependable, and cordial men I know. Also, Tony’s integrity and faithful commitment to his family and ministry are both inspiring to observe and a worthy example of loyalty. I am grateful to be among those he calls friends.”

     - Steve Chapman –Author “Looking a Life from a Deer Stand”


“Tony, it was great to have you with us on for the Annual Wild Game Dinner for the Men’s Ministry of Robertson County Baptist Association. You did a wonderful job. We are rejoicing with you over the 4 professions of faith and 11 rededications, and I’m passing them to the local congregations to follow-up and disciple. I will be sharing your name and info with other directors of missions as well. God bless and thank you.”

     - Robert Tyson, Director of Missions for Robertson County AL Baptist Association


“Our 2013 Wild Game and Fish Feed event was a huge success, much of that is due to Tony's presence. His presentation really connected with men and challenged them to live as men of integrity and strength. I'm so glad we were able to connect to have Tony for our event. I know the gospel was presented well and hopefully, seeds planted that we will see fruit in the near future.”  

     - Dr. Sam Crouch, Senior Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, Elko, NV


“Tony you did an awesome job at our Associational Wild Game Dinner Event! We had 5 professions of Faith and 3 Rededications. Thanks for a great meeting!” 

     - Mark Gallups, Director of Missions, Marion Co Baptist Association, Hamilton, AL

Our Blast & Cast event with Tony Bolton was one of the best events our church has done in years! Our church averages in the 80's on Sunday morning and we had about 200 people participating in the Blast & Cast. Five people indicated they prayed with Tony to receive Christ. We had some technical problems with our sound system, but Tony never missed a beat! He is a truly professional performer and more importantly, he is a true man of God with a heart for men and their families. One guest wrote, "My wife and I had a great time of fellowship and prayer. Your church event was one of our favorite outings we have been to all year."

     - Ken Slaughter, Sr. Pastor, Mount Repose FBC, Milford, OH


Tony did a wonderful job speaking at the Outdoorsmen Breakfast Event. His message of faith and enjoying the outdoors was a wonderful start to our day of dove hunting. Tony then came and joined us in the field.  Many of the men and youth told me about how much fun he was on the dove field.  Tony can hold his own when it comes to safety, shooting and most important offering inspiration. We look forward to having Tony join us again.

     - Robert Lancaster -Pastor, Rogersville U.M.C. Rogersville, AL

If I had one word to describe Tony Bolton it would be RELATABLE.  He is truly one of those men that relates well to other men.  From the start, the men and boys at our Baptist Associational Wild Game Dinner seemed to connect to Tony’s down to earth style, storytelling, and easy to understand biblical message.  I have rarely seen a group of men that largely feel so comfortable with a speaker that quick.  I would recommend Tony to anyone who is looking for a personable, God-loving, and anointed speaker.

     - Dr. Rusty Keltner, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Corning, AR


Tony spoke at our annual Wild game dinner and did a fantastic job delivering a message to our attendees.       Our Sportsman’s Ministry is an outreach ministry that targets those who may not see the walls of a church very often, that’s why I would highly recommend Tony.

     - Mike Crow, Sportsman Ministry -Frazer United Methodist Church, Montgomery, AL


I want to take this opportunity to recommend to you my friend and fellow minister Tony Bolton. Tony came and spoke at our annual Wild Game banquet and our church the following Sunday morning. He clearly presented the gospel and shared his compassion for the outdoors in a way that was compelling and captivating. I recommend Tony without hesitation to anyone considering having him in your church.

     - Craig Hartzog, Senior Pastor, Northside Baptist Church, Brunswick, GA

Having Tony as our featured speaker for our annual Wildlife Dinner gave our men and women the opportunity to enjoy the presence of God our creator through the appreciation of God's creation.  Whether in song, video presentation or Word, Tony allowed the presence of the Lord to speak to the heart of people.

     - Mike Harrison, Garywood Assembly of God, Hueytown, AL


It was such a pleasure to work with Tony on our  “Blast & Cast” event. His suggestions and guidance prior to the event were extremely helpful. He offered suggestions as to set up, introduction, transition, and wrap-up. We had weather issues which resulted in an early closing, and Tony rolled with the changes in a very effective manner. His manner of coupling music, stories, and a message was very effective also, with 6 first time professions of faith found on the response cards. It was such a blessing for me to have had the opportunity to work with Tony on our “Blast and Cast”. I look forward to and welcome the opportunity to work with him again. May God bless you as you minister to other communities across this great nation.

     - Jerry Holder, Sandhill Baptist Association, Carthage, NC


Tony is a talented musician and songwriter as well as a total outdoorsman. He is dedicated to sharing his passion and knowledge of the outdoors with others and presents the message of the Gospel and the wonder of God's creation in a way that hunters and fishermen understand. Tony's joy and passion for sharing the Gospel is contagious as he inspires his audiences of hunters and fishermen to use their passion for the outdoors to reach others for Christ too.

     - Ralph Duren – Calls of the Wild

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